Grand Isle Pasta was created unique collision of cultures in the beautiful Champlain Islands of Vermont. Husband and wife team Daniel and Gloria, and friend Vince were inspired by the local food movement in our hometown of Grand Isle, Vermont. Combining the food traditions of our native lands with fresh local ingredients, we set out on a quest to make the best pasta in Vermont. 

Our head pasta maker and creative talent, Gloria grew up preparing vegetables in simple, flavorful ways with her mother and grandmother in her native Mexico. She learned to make pasta from family friends in Italy. When she, Daniel, and Vince decided to start a small food business in Grand Isle, she knew that she could combine the fresh flavors of her Mexican heritage with the old world pasta traditions of Italy for a unique product that would appeal to the local community and wider world.

We began making pasta for the Champlain Islands Farmers Market. Working from our home kitchen, Gloria made fresh and dried pasta for the weekly markets. The vibrant flavors and colors of local vegetables combined with the texture of high quality flours and traditional pasta making techniques were well received by the Islands community. We discovered that no-one else in Vermont was producing dried pasta, and soon began to selling that product in local stores. Eventually we began to work with a distributer, Best of Vermont, to provide pastas to regional markets. 

We built a pasta house, a large kitchen separate from our home with space for preparing vegetables, making pasta, a drying room, packing space, and storage. We continue to be committed to the local community, attending Farmers’ Markets in Grand Isle and South Hero each week. We are also selling across Vermont, and even in a few stores in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.